...We leverage on AI to Provide Innovative Services and Solutions to our Clients.

We Are Committed To The Success of Our Clients.

Welcome to
Northefy Techsolutions.

We are an innovative technology company, dedicated to delivering the highest standard of ICT services and solutions with a focus on users, quality, integrity and scalability.  We are a leader in ICT consulting, Training, BPO, Project management, Telecoms, Renewable energy and Power back-up solutions.  

Our services and solutions are futuristic and innovatively tailored to our client’s need.

NORTHEFY Techsolutions (RC: 1674598) is privately owned and duly registered in Nigeria, We are committed to bringing professional and innovative expertise towards achieving project and organizational goals.

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We are guided by the highest standard of Professionalism

our Core Values

Integrity And Ethics

Our entire business is built on a foundation of honesty, fairness, and integrity.


We respect individuals and their human rights & privacy. We ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all employees is an important part of giving respect to them.


We are innovative and dynamic, we are constantly improving by way of strategizing, researching and introducing new ideas without imitation.


Believe that communication, accountability and value are paramount in building strong client relationships. We earn and keep our clients’ trust and confidence.

Our Vision.

Our mission is to leverage AI technology to provide innovative services and solutions for people to achieve their business and personal goals.

Our Mission.

To be a brand leader in innovative technology by providing Artificial intelligent (AI) solutions and highest quality services in the ICT, BPO, Telecoms and Renewable energy/ Power back-up solutions.